k9 units

Dual compartment design and purpose built K9 unit.

Meticulously developed in collaboration with industry qualified professionals from the police K9 division.

Our special projects teams specialise in unique and custom fits for Emergency and Defence vehicles. Working through our methodology, Discover, Create, Support with Fleet Managers, Team leaders and first responders we create solutions that are functional, fit for purpose and ultimately help get the job done safely and efficiently, protecting first responders and the public alike.

Key Details

Removable Trays: Makes for easy maintenance.

Loading Ramp: Simplifies the loading process for dogs.

Emergency Escape Hatches: Side emergency escapes for dogs.

Dual Compartment Design: Easily accommodates 2 dogs separately.

Slide-Out Cleaning: Made effortless with the ability to slide the unit out.

Removable Divider with Storage: Large compartment flexibility with removable divider.

Durable Rear Tailgate: Heavy-duty rubber on the rear tailgate to minimize slips and wear.

Electric Air-conditioning Unit

  • Aircon runs no problem for 45 minutes with vehicle engine off
  • 45 minute run time reduces the auxiliary battery to 50
  • The auxiliary battery will only go dead flat if it is accidentally left on when the officer ends his shift
  • If the auxiliary battery drains flat it will not affect the vehicles main battery
  • When the auxiliary battery is dead flat the main battery will not charge it, it would need to be jump started to kick it into life, the inconvenience of this is that the cage would need to be slid out
  • Chances of this happening are low as you will be able to hear the aircon running and also the controls in the cabin will be lit up

Full vehicle fit oven tested findings:

  • Oven temperature was 46°
  • Ran the oven at this temperature for 45 minutes
  • Vehicle engine was off
  • We didn’t start the rear aircon until the vehicle was in the oven
  • Rear compartment temp was 35° when we started
  • At the 15 minute mark it was 28°
  • At the 30 minute mark it was 24°
  • At the 45 minute mark it was 23°
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